University of California, Riverside UCR
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R'Web self-service is live

All of the tools (and more) you had in Growl are now in R'Web self-service.

Look for them in your Authorized Applications window
More Features * Easier to use * 24/7 access

  UCR Students and
past Students with a netid

Log in to R'Web self-service.
  UCR Students and
past Students without a netid

Log in to R'Web self-service.

choose Password Reset
follow the screen instructions
If you do not have the required information
contact the appropriate office listed on the
bottom of the page.
Previous Growl Authorized Users

The authorization you had in Growl will not carry
over to the new R'web self-service experience

Your student will need to re-add you
as an Authorized User.

Students: Log in to R'Web and look for the
"Authorization and Privacy" icon in your
Authorized Applications window. Follow the
screen instructions to provide authorization
to a parent or guardian.